Plant of the Grotte del Cavallone

Got off the basket lifts, upturned nose, they will find it hard to imagine the cave entrance as a special horse kindly set into the rock wall shapes that recall his muzzle. From this derives the name Cavallone. Others sustain that Cavallone derives from the name of the Valley, once call Valle Cavallo.

Certainly, already pausing from afar over the shape of the cave entrance, we can begin to start up our imaginations. Imagination of games of forms that will be stimulated in full along the whole visitable (1360 meters) run. We will surprise there some suspended hams, of the Tower in Pisa, of the Spellbound Forest, of the lunar landscape. We will be amazed of the power and magic of the creations of which the water gives new life.

To access the impressive entrance hall of the Caves there are 174 steps carved into the rock by skilled stonecutters . Before 1894 there were accessed through the ropes stretched out from above: another thing! From the lookout, just opposite the entrance of this fascinating underground monument in the heart of the Maiella, we can catch our breath and lay eyes away from the Valley to the peaks, the games of rocks and colors.

The Grotta del Cavallone, of karstic origin, extends for more than two kilometers; is divided into a main gallery and three secondary branches.

Venturing further into the cavity, accompanied by passionate guides, a short walk from the Hall, we are located at the entrance of the Gallery of the Devastation, where the weather chaos has the upper hand on the harmony of form and imagination. Continuing along the main street, still accompanied by external light rays, we reach the Aligi's Hall, where you have the first awareness of water, steady work and living creation symptom: before our eyes a veritable cascade of stone!

It is precisely the water the real star of our trip inside this wonderful and unique underworld. Creative Director of shapes, water wells, tunnels, underground ponds; mother liquor of stalactites and stalagmites.

At the end of the Aligi's Hall, we are in the presence of the Sentinels, formations of stalactites and stalagmites that greeted our entrance in the main gallery, now far from the sun's rays. From here it is a succession of limestone formations and fantasy games on the forms created. A few names to stimulate curiosity: Buddha’s Hall, Elephant’s Hall, Heads of Indians, Statuary’s Hall, Hams’ Hall, Bells’hall

It doesn't stay whether to taste the trip of 1360 meters to the discovery of wells, lakes and games of forms. It doesn't stay whether to start the imagination and to day-dream on the new worlds created by the millennial job of the water. It doesn't stay whether to taste the magic of the light soffusa and of the sound of the dripping of the drops of water.

The visit in Cave will last around a hour, the constant temperature of 10 degrees and the perceived damp it is of 96%. Provide you of closed shoes, of an impermeable jacket and of a childish curiosity!

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