To reach the Grotte del Cavallone you have to take a cable car that in 20 minutes takes you from an altitude of 760 mt s.l.m. to a height of 1388 mt s.l.m. in Colle Rotondo. Once you get off the cable car a short walking trail and a staircase of 280 steps will take you near the entrance of the magnificent caves in which you will find a constant temperature, from January to December, 10 degrees and a humidity of 90% .

In order to better organize your day will notify you that the guided tour of theGrotte del Cavallone and the journey to / on the cable car will engage for about 3 hours. We inform you also that the entrance times for the guided tours could vary, so please contact the employees of the ticket office at the following telephone number 0872/910203 who will give you any useful information.

The altitude of the resort and climatic and environmental conditions of the cave require the use of appropriate clothing and footwear.
We recommend:
sturdy shoes with non-slip. To exclude open shoes or the bottom sole; comfortable clothing, a shirt in addition, a cap.
Do not forget to put in your backpack a lot of water.
Route to the own characteristics of the mountain itself is not recommended to persons not in peak physical condition.

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