The parish church , originally dedicated to the SS. Nicola and Clement, was named in 2015 to the Baby Jesus, with Decree of Archbishop Mons. Bruno Forte. It is located in Piazza Umberto I, before the town hall. The original building dates back to the sixteenth century . An inscription on the bell tower  testifies that the church took place in 1589 in the eighteenth century two windows have been added to give more light on the facade. The porch , located on the right side, is the twentieth-century.

The facade is rectangular. A  tympanum above the doorway, while a rose window is decorated with some heads of angels. The porch has six bays with arch. The bell tower has three levels marked on the outside by cornice. The interior has three naves , a central and two lateral. In the aisles there are altars with depictions of saints. In the right aisle appear, in order, a niche with St. Sebastian, the first modern altar with an effigy of the Divine Mercy (recently set up), which houses the baptismal font, the latter covered by a truck in late Gothic wooden dating back to the nineteenth century. Subsequently there is an altar with Our Lady of Sorrows and the Dead Christ, then an altar with St. Anthony of Padua and one final with the depiction of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In the left aisle appear, in order, a first altar with Our Lady of the Rosary, then an altar with a picture of the Our Lady of Grace. Subsequently, an altar with St. Cesidio, followed by the one in honor of St. Joseph. Finally there is a niche with St. Gabriel. In back of the church, on the front door, it places a loft supported by four columns, which houses a pipe organ built in the seventeenth century . In the bottom left of the nave is located a pulpit of wood, with representations of the life of Jesus. The high altar is placed at the bottom of the nave, at the center of the presbytery and is illuminated by the light of the dome. Behind the altar there is the urn of the Holy Child, with below the tabernacle. [6]

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Tourist Complex "Cavallone"

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