In the center of Visit "Maurizio Locati" a large section dedicated to Abruzzo chamois, fitted out with explanatory panels and dioramas, illustrating the environment of the cave fauna of the Park.

Upstairs there is an interesting archaeological section that allows you to trace the history of the Eastern Majella from present day, to the Middle Ages, the Prehistory. Among the oldest exhibits is the cast of the Majella Man, found in Fonterossi, a hamlet of Lama dei Peligni (CH), and dates back to over 7,000 years ago.

The Museum are attached: the Botanical Garden "M. Tenore", the reconstruction of a Neolithic village, the wildlife area of the Abruzzo chamois.

The center is an ideal starting point for hiking routes to the Refuge Tarì, or to discover the cave paintings, hermitage of Grotta S. Angelo and the Grotte del Cavallone (1475 m above sea level). The latter is one of the highest caves of Europe between those open to the public.

The tour runs for about a kilometer inside the mountain. Crossing the large rooms full of stalactites and stalagmites, you can get an idea of the charm, complexity and development of the underground Majella world.
Detailed information concerning the possibility to visit all the places mentioned you can be acquired on the spot in the point of the information Center.
The same you can start to walk the Nature trail, short route suitable for all ages, and to visit the Chamois wildlife Area.
the Centre also has a projection and conference room, a nature library - archaeological and an outdoor theater.



Management:  Cooperativa Majella tourism and Environmental Services Address: Location Colle Madonna  Lama dei Peligni (CH) Contact: Tel (+39) 0872/916010 - 340 6807479 Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Tourist Complex "Cavallone"

Acque ViveActivity path, refreshment, Botanical Garden on the Aventino river 

Camper AreaPicnic area, camper and parking

Cavallone EasyMultimedia Museum about Grotte del Cavallone

Info Poit GrotteInformation point 

 The Inn of D'AnnunzioRefuge and refreshment - Station finishing line cable car

Woolen Mill Vincenzo MerlinoAncient Woolen Mill - "Coperte de la Tarante"

San Biagio Portalligneo Portal- XVI sec.

Brigata Maiella's SacrariumThe church in memory of the patriots of Maiella

Trekking pointHiking the trails of Maiella