"Vincenzo Merlino ,one of the last Woollen Mills of Abruzzo, dated 1870 and today led by Rashed Mahmud, the fourth generation. We are outside the town of Taranta, near the river of Acque Vive ... Taranta Peligna, a town situated in a prime location (near the “Tratturo Magno”, not far from the wool route that connected through the Central Apennines, the cities of Florence and Naples), is historically known for the famous “tarante” or “tarantole”, black woolen fabrics rough details produced by ' 500 and renowned throughout the world.  Raw fabrics, used for wraps of Bourbon army and even military vessels sail. The whole valley of the Aventio was a real heavy weaving district of Bourbon. However, it also produced the finest "ferrandine" wool and silk and other yarn for rugs, tapestries and blankets ... In this area, which in the 800 was born the famous blanket from Abruzzo, once a vital element in the kit for most families across the region.  It is heavy and colorful Wool blankets, no "straight" or "reverse" ... Historically hand-woven by craftsmen by craftsmen of Taranta Peligna"
Artiicle source: visitterredeitrabocchi.it

Info: Lanificio Merlino Taranta

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Tourist Complex "Cavallone"

Acque ViveActivity path, refreshment, Botanical Garden on the Aventino river 

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 The Inn of D'AnnunzioRefuge and refreshment - Station finishing line cable car

Woolen Mill Vincenzo MerlinoAncient Woolen Mill - "Coperte de la Tarante"

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Brigata Maiella's SacrariumThe church in memory of the patriots of Maiella

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