To enjoy to full a trip is necessary to also stop on the run and not only on its destination, they would leave back details and feelings that allow to make that unique trip of feelings.

The cable car is a fundamental part of the voyage of discovery of the Grotte del Cavallone, as well as the high altitude mountains.

Impressive is the slow approach to the cave entrance. The times and ways to begin to expand along the way. Slowly approaching the mountain, if you begin to relish the details.

The station of the cableway, Pian di Valle on S.S. Frentana, is 750 meters altitude and reaches 1300 m a.s.l., s.l. travelling slowly along the Valley of Taranta Peligna. The route will take about 20 minutes, then continue on foot for another ten to reach the entrance of the cave.

The cable car is not really a cable car, but a "basket lifts". And for that alone is worth a spin at least once. In Europe, there are only forty active basket lifts, and within a few years will disappear.

The basket lifts are real baskets that, as a couple, they allow you to cross the Valley of Taranta and to enter, with reverent slowness, at the foot of the climb to the cave, carved into the rock in 1894. Along the way don't stop to look around and to smell the perfumes of the mountains; do not stop to amaze, mountain Mother power, greatness and freedom of prey that the color of the sky and circle overhead, the shape of clouds; don't you want to get to the top and breathe hard.

Historical curiosities:

The basket lifts was built in 1978, after a long debate over its environmental impact and to foster the development of tourism in the Grotta del Cavallone.

Before its construction was accompanied along the little Taranta thanks to the constant presence of the mules and the use of "treggia"

The treggia was a sledge which was used primarily for the transport of lumber and which was carried on shoulders up to the limit of the vegetation of the cave. It was used then for the descent, in two, along the gravel track that serves as the fall line of the Valley of Taranta up to the Road Frentana.

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