CAVALLONE INFORMS SPELEOLOGICAL MUSEUM LAMA DEI PELIGNI An information point for visitors that for the first time approaching to these places and in particular the natural emergence of exception which is the Grotta del Cavallone. A "cave" carved into the rock in a side of  Lama dei Peligni called "Ripa" was given the task of tell the emotion of the visit to the cave . The morphology and climate rather wet that characterizes this environment are factors that evoke the atmosphere inside the Grotte del Cavallone. A space furnished only by  a photo gallery, an image sequence simulates the visit in cave ... a sort of preparation for the climb!! To precede the "cave". In the heart of the Museum there is an atrium, built from scratch, intended for reception and information of the visitor who, , through videos, pictures, brochures and staff can learn about Lama dei Peligni, its history and its beauty. This space that acts as a ring of interlocking with each one dug into the rock and outer one which opens and allows the seamless landscape park and the rest of the visitor. Cavallone informs, is perfectly integrated into the environment and not invasive. In Its simplicityit is able, through a game of stairs and terraces, connect 3 different environments emphasizing the ancient rock-hewn cave ", the terraces and the green part previously covered with weeds today testimony of ancient presences. Info and reservations municipality of Lama dei Peligni. Tel. 0872 91221

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Tourist Complex "Cavallone"

Acque ViveActivity path, refreshment, Botanical Garden on the Aventino river 

Camper AreaPicnic area, camper and parking

Cavallone EasyMultimedia Museum about Grotte del Cavallone

Info Poit GrotteInformation point 

 The Inn of D'AnnunzioRefuge and refreshment - Station finishing line cable car

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