The Virtual Museum of the Grotte del Cavallone is placed in the basement of the old Palazzo Malvezzi in historic center of  Taranta Peligna.

The tour route is articulated through four espositive rooms:

Majella National Park Hall and Cable Car:
Fauna, flora, the landscape of  Majella National Park and the Valley of Taranta are the protagonists of this first room. The cable car trip to get to the caves through the wide Valley is represented by great photos and an impressive staircase steel made

Hall of the prominence and crystals:
We will find a technical survey of the cave with illustrative pictures, reconstructions and beautiful images.
An important exhibition of real crystals concretions, stalactites and stalagmites create a concrete experience in this room. There are historical references, the caves were used during the war as a refuge for the inhabitants of Taranta Peligna.

Video Room:
A video of 11 minutes to tell the great adventure of eCavallone’s caves. The Hall with its WiFi and 3D projector is equipped to receive any signal and accept the connection from the digital device (usb, wga ...). Can be used for smaller conferences or to give lessons.

Room of the reconstruction and the virtual run:
This room has been specially acclimatized to give to the visitors the feeling that  he is really in the Cavallone’s caves.The low temperature, high humidity, low light and at the back of the room the reconstruction of a corner of cave with its concretions (some true), drops of water (true), the small lakes.

The virtual path is achieved thanks to two 42-inch touch screen.
Smart TVs allow navigation through the halls of the cave very similar to "google street".Sala multimediale
To achieve this effect, the Cavallon’s caves  were wired with photos at 360° with very high resolution. To make comprehensive virtual browsing, we have developed "easypedia" classic navigation system for consultation of the history, news, obviously a wonderful pictures provided by: Maiella Nation Park

Full fare: € 3,00
Reduced ticket: € 2,00

We must remember:
The maximum number of visitors admitted into the Museum is 20 units;
The ticket of Cavallone Easy gives the right to buy a reduced ticket for the visit to theGrotte del Cavallone

You can book the tour directly from our booking page.

for more information contact the Town hall Taranta Peligna: 0872.910118

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Tourist Complex "Cavallone"

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