stemma della brigata maiella


Brigata Maiella is the name by which it is known the abruzzesi partisan Maiella Patriots Group: taking its name from the Majella massif, it adopted the name of Maiella, term used in all official documents. «In 15 months of very harsh struggle backed against the invading German with no shortage of any means but with great exuberance of enthusiasm and faith, sustained only by a boundless love of country, the Patriots of the Maiella, volontari della Libertà, always facing overwhelming enemy forces, have written the history of resurgent Italy a superb page heroism. As in all of high spirit of sacrifice they, handful of brave, anything asking if not the privilege of fighting, were given to the first broad and generous support of blood for the redemption of honor and freedom of Italy. From Civitella in Selva, in Pizzoferrato, Lama dei Peligni, and then, after passing the Maiella mother, from Cingoli Poggio San Marcello,from Montecarotto Oesaro and then Montecarotto, Poggio San Marcello and then again, tirelessly, from Monte Castellaccio to Brisighella, in Monte Mauro, To Monte della Volpe, the Senio and, among the first liberating troops, at the dawn of the April 21 in Bologna, on May 1, 1945 to 1 May 1945 in Asiago to December 5, 1943 , battle to battle, they were always and everywhere first in every test of boldness and bravery. All the way a shining path of self-denial and most epic feats and repeats and reaffirms value glorious tradition of voluntarism Italian. War dead  54, 131 wounded of which 36 mutilated, 15 silver medals,  43 bronze medals   and 144 crosses medal of  valor, testify and represent the tribute offered by the Patriots of the Maiella to the great cause of liberty.
The gold medal for military valour he was awarded on 14 November 1963.

It is precisely in Taranta Peligna that was built the Memorial Monument of Brigata Maiella in memory of the men and Brigade of exploits that gave a lot for our area. 

For more information:
Fondazione Brigata Maiella


The Commander: Avv. Ettore Troilo

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