Inaugurated in 1990 as part of the Apennine Chamois on Majella. Today is an important area with multiple purposes:
- Educational, allowing everyone to see this beautiful animal and more generally providing the opportunity to learn about the biology and ecology of this species.

- Scientific, allowing or facilitating studies (eg. Ethology, physiology, veterinary) are difficult to achieve in nature.

- Conservation, constituting a real animal reserve and "gene bank" to be used in breeding programs in captivity (captive breeding) followed by releases in nature.

Disappeared on Majella the beginnings of the last century, the Apennine chamois thanks to animals from this wildlife area is back to populate our Park and today there are about 700 individuals with a constantly growing population, as shown by the census conducted every year.

Location Località Convento, the wildlife area has an area of about five hectares and is divided into five sub-
fences presenting different types of environments: rock walls, woods and glades;
just the particular topography of the area, characterized for the most part from steep slopes and widespread presence of rock brancate, allows for easy viewing of animals.
Currently the area is home to a group of 15 specimens.
A service area was created a wildlife veterinarian center.
Guided tours can be booked at the Center Visit of Lama dei Peligni.
Currently the Majella National Park is the leader of the Project LIFE COORNATA through which work for the preservation of the Apennine Chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica ornata) in a coordinated manner, for the first time, among all the protected areas in which is the population of the Apennine chamois or that, potentially, are able to host it.

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