It was fate or chance encounter Giampietro young scion of an aristocratic family Lamese, and Anna, a young girl from a wealthy middle class Civitella Messer Raimondo? It was fate or chance the love between the two young and the events that followed?woman anna sfogliatella

woman anna sfogliatella

It was fate or chance that she, Anna, was a cook tube with equally talented in the art of making cakes and Francesca, Giampietro mother of origins campane, a sign of the great affection he had revealed the recipe of the already famous "Sfogliatella Neapolitan" so jealously guarded?

Whatever it is treated by the expert hands of this extraordinary woman she was made a sweet taste sublime and unparalleled refinement, hereinafter referred to as "THE SFOGLIATELLA OF LAMA DEI PELIGNI" which for more than a century is one of the pearls in the universe of the confectionery industry Abruzzo.

This love story is renewed each time the small workshop " THE WOMEN'S SECRETS OF ANNA " produced "THE SFOGLIATELLA OF LAMA DEI PELIGNI" for the pleasure of who carries them out and those that can taste in the cozy village of Lama dei Peligni, gently seated on the slopes of the Maiella.


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